20/01/2019     “Had your Tiramisu today. Sensational. Will be back for more at Stepney Farm, please keep coming back!”     @droningon86


19/01/2019     “Just tried your chocolate mousse from @Getloosefoods – it’s so unbelievably good!  It’s actually dangerously good. I’ve just polished off the lot!”     @wildhackney


18/01/2019     “What an absolute joy of a dessert! Homemade tiramisu made with high quality ingredients and no additives. And in packaging that you can bring back so it can be reused! Go and visit dessert guru Bao @stepneycityfarm!”     @le_vin_de_kat


12/01/2019     “Honestly it’s delicious and just the right amount of sweetness too. Love that it’s organic as well.”     @natmahri”