‘From Business to Business for Good’ Series: #1 – Initiating Change

Initiating Change
A beautiful  water stain from an evening out using an Honest Cake jar as a glass (very clumsily).

Be grateful for the ‘not so happy times’ in your life


I used to work for a Premium Fashion brand and was blessed to have an incredible manager to help me grow there – Sarah, if you read this, know that you’re loved. She sensed how frustrated I felt and understood it might not be the right environment for me to fulfill my potential.

One day, she called me on a 1-on-1 meeting and asked me: What will make you jump off your bed in the morning? Well that sure was a difficult one. What would really make me happy?

Although the answer was not clear and I left the room with the full weight of today’s pressure to “just be happy and productive”, I started scanning my own impact on the world. At that point, I had already been on my zero waste journey for about a year and felt overwhelmed with all the things I could not change.


Then, something clicked.

What if I added just a little bit of my passion for the environment at work?

What if I worked on making small changes happen at my level?

What if I decided to be the one to put my hand up first?

What if I worked on designing a new process proposal?

What if I stopped caring whether the proposal would be rejected or not?

What if I just tried?


Growing up as a woman in Paris with traditional Vietnamese parents, you learn that it is easier to keep quiet and just wait for someone smarter or louder to take the lead.


Bless that time full of sadness and frustration because it was only then that I realised I do have opinions and that I can be a changemaker too.



Glass Jars for a Change


I get asked a lot about why I am making breakfasts and desserts in reusable glass jars.


Did you know that most of the plastic food containers (yes, even those washed out and put in the recycling bin) are not recycled by the councils?


Individuals are aware of the danger of plastics, they are ready to make the move to reusables. The issue lies within the lack of genuine reusable alternatives in the ready-made food industry for individuals who value their time at a high priority. Most people won’t dedicate a whole afternoon to cooking for the week or whipping up something themselves when comes their turn to treat their colleagues at work.

So how about delicious food in a returnable and reusable container instead? Simple. Delicious.


‘But I’ve got a recycling bin at home, isn’t it easier?’ – Friends


Well… No. Why would we emit CO2 to melt a glass jar used only once in order to buy a new one and charge the customer for it? Let’s stop the nonsense here, less is better and cheaper.


‘And how do I know if your jars are truly safe for my family and myself compared to clean plastic containers?’ – Concerned customers


Did you know that plastic never disappears but only breaks down into the tiniest bits? They are called microplastics and can be found in the air. And your food. Yes, even at home. That’s scary.


All of our jars are made from high quality recycled glass and are food grade certified. They are fully traceable and can be traced right back to their origin.

Most glass containers are plastic coated for durability but none of ours are, we promise! We even have the best jars lids for you: they are 100% BPA free, no hormone disruption so you lovely people are super safe.


Regarding the reusing process, all our jars are cleaned and sterilised. And sparkly. Our Environmental Health Professor gave us a Food Hygiene Rating of 4 over five (‘Good’, working on getting the paperwork ready to get the ‘Very Good’ mark).


‘This all sounds like a lot of work. Are you happy doing this?’ – Concerned family


I help change Londoners’ habits over single-use packaging and get so much recognition for putting the health of my customers and the planet as priority #1. Yes, I’m always exhausted and often overwhelmed but truly happy and hopeful.

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    So happy to have met you. We need more humans like you.

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