Behind the Scene

     I was born in France and raised by Vietnamese parents who used to own a restaurant in Paris. Food has always been an important part of my life, something to share with family and friends at home or while enjoying a fun outing. Food will always be a way to convey love and appreciation.

     When I started my Zero Waste journey, I found myself compromising too much when eating ready-made food: healthy but bland, tasty but full of unwanted ingredients, organic and fairtrade but always packaged. I ended up cooking and baking everything at home and noticed I had a hard time keeping up while working a full-time job.

      Honest Cake is my way of sharing handmade love for busy people who are in the lookout for tasty, healthy and sustainable desserts to enjoy with their beautiful self or with loved ones.

     Bao Quang
     Founder of Honest Cake Ltd